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Title: Business Intelligence Spells Action
Author: Mark A Hoffman
Publication: Business Insurance
Issue: 14
Date Published: April 5, 2010

For Lori Jorgensen, risk management is not insurance. Instead, it is providing her company with business intelligence that is actionable, the senior director, finance-risk management for Redmond, WA-based Microsoft Corp said during a discussion of innovations in risk management at the inaugural Business Insurance Risk Management Summit in New York in March. Communication is essential in an innovative culture and a system wide commitment to share information builds success, she said. One innovation that Jorgensen described was her department's weekly 360-degree report, which provides a global picture of the company's financial exposures.

Title: Microsoft Pushed BI for the Masses
Author: Bob Evans
Publication: InformationWeek
Date Published: April 19,2010

says it's preparing to deliver business intelligence for the masses with a new set of products that blend Excel's widely known functionality with sophisticated analytical capabilities for an addressable market of 500 million prospects. Few if any companies have shown the ability to drive robust applications to scale the way Microsoft has with Office and other products, and now the company says it's launching a BI initiative that will blend the familiarity of Excel with the power of SQL Server. The key to winning the trust and support of the IT organization is that built-in capacity for self-managed BI.