Jianwei Lin

Department of Mathematics
Western Michigan University
Office: 6610 Everett Tower
Cell Phone: (616) 334-5219
E-mail: jianwei.lin@wmich.edu
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2008-Present:  PHD candidate in Mathematics
                        Area: Combinatorics and Graph Theory
                        Title of Doctoral Dissertation: The domination number of Ka*Kb*Kc
                        Dissertation Advisor: Allen Schwenk
2010:               M.A in Mathematics, Western Michigan University
2005:               B.S in Mathematics, Fujian Normal University (China)

Research Interest:

My research interests primarily involve graph theory and associated applications. This includes graph colorings, domination number and its application. I also interested in math modeling, computer programming and algorithms designs.

List of Selected Research Publications:

1. The Singular Chromatic Number of a Graph (with J. Lin, C. Lumduanhom, F. Okamoto, and B. Phinezy).  Ars Combinatoria. Accepted for publication.
2. Rainbow tress in small cubic graphs (with F.Fujie-Okamoto and Ping Zhang). J.Combin. Math Combin. Comput. Accepted.

List of Selected Research Presentations:

1. Vertex Rainbow Coloring of Graphs
     Western Michigan University (March, 2010).
2. The Domination number of Kt*Kt*Kt
     Western Michigan University (March, 2011).

Courses Taught:

1. Math 1110   Algebra II, Western Michigan University

2. Math 1180   Precalculus, Western Michigan University
3. Math 2300   Elementary Linear algebra, Western Michigan University.


American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America