Collegiate Objective


       I am pursing an education because I know that my young family members look up to me and I want to be that positive role model for them. Besides coming to college to be a good role model I also know that in the future a college education will be the only way to get good paying job. Also when you have a college education you will always have something to fall back when times get hard. It is good to have experience doing more than one thing because it can help teenagers transition into adults as well. Other than doing it for other people it is always good to make yourself proud, and what better way to do so than getting a college degree. Finally knowledge is power because if you know more than everyone else you can only move forward from there. These are only a few of the many reasons that I decided to get a college education. This is why I chose to be a Finance major because they make good money, and it is also a good degree to fall back on becuase people will always need someone to keep track of their money.