The definition of finances is the management of large amounts of money by governments or large companies. Finance is a good major for several different reasons. One of the reasons being that there is a high demand for finance majors in the United States. Another reason that it is a good major is because you can make a good income in this field. You can even get employed easily because companies are always looking for people but it is not easy to find someone with a degree in finance. Lastly with this major you can learn how to major your own money instead of having someone else doing it for you. These are all ways to become financial successful.           
  There are some awesome jobs you can get with a finance degree as well. With a four year degree in finance you can be a Bookkeeper, Financial Advisor, or even a Loan Officer. If you were to be a Bookkeeper you would be a professional at recording the accounts and transactions of a business. A Financial Advisor is a professional who renders financial services to clients which means they tell you how much money you have or can take out without going over your balance. A Loan Officer also referred to as “Mortgage Loan Originators”, work for banks and other financial institutions with the main objective to recommend individual and business loan applications for approval.  

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