Collegiate Objective
Taking time to think about it, I had always known I wanted to go to college because I felt it was finally going to be my brightest time in life. High school and living at home with strict parents who tried to force their path on me was horrible, I was well aware of my potential and strive to conclude my endless curiosity in knowledge, experiences, and how the world worked all so I could get to where I want to be, on top. I felt confident in myself and my credentials pertaining work ethics and experience but soon found I still have so much more to learn and am excited to learn.

On a more one on one personal level, I am going into college so that I can find out who I am and get a better understanding of who Jennifer Colosi is and how I handle the world outside of close guidance by parents and teachers. I am in a place that I have never been before and learning new things (ideas, concepts, etc) that will help me down the line in my career yes but also in life in general. I am in college to achieve a degree that will help me accomplish my career goals yes but I am also on a discovery of myself that will determine the person I will become later in life.


I will come face-to-face with situations that will cause me to struggle and will try to break my resolve. These challenges can be academic, personal, professional, or un-earthly like a house fire or some other disaster, but these challenges will push me to the limits and will test my resolve for success. These challenges will help me understand who I am and the limits I can face. Some things will surprise me and catch me off guard though I know I will have surrounded myself with people I can trust to help me get through rough times. When it comes down to it I hope to finally understand at least who I am at the moment and what my limits are.


On a professional level, I want to learn everything I can possibly learn. Unlike high school I am paying for each piece of information that is presented to me and I want to absorb each bit. I don’t want to get out of a class and say “I didn’t learn anything”. I don’t want to waste my money, time or efforts on not learning information that will help me succeed in my career. I not only want to learn but I want to set a bar of excellence for myself that encourages me to succeed. I find it a personal milestone to at least achieve a 4.00 GPA for one semester and have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00. I want to get in touch and make connections with people that will help me succeed so that means networking myself and putting my name out into my field as a competitor that will do whatever it takes to achieve success. I believe that my skills on a professional level of attentiveness, ability to listen and follow directions, and think outside the box will give me an edge that will make me stand out. I want to sand out but in good standing. I don’t want to stand out for reasons that make me seem incompetent. When people think of Jennifer Colosi I want them to think how amazing she is and how hard she works at becoming successful no matter what challenges are thrown her way.


I will be successful and anything less than success is failure. I will not take a “you did the best you can do” for an excuse, there are no excuses for success. I believe everyone can succeed if they set their minds to it because everyone can try a little harder, push a little further, give a little more and I will do just that to become successful. I will achieve my goals and will graduate and be chosen by corporations who understand my desire and live for my passion. I will be successful and do whatever it takes to get there.