Business/Enterprise Modeling
Author: Katz, Robert L
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Abstract: Business-enterprise modeling studies were conducted with 9 IBM customers using what are now
called computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools. There was added value for every customer that
utilized the approach of business-enterprise modeling. The benefits of the value of this type of modeling include
both quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Qualitative benefits include: 1. greater precision and enlarged
scope, 2. identification of opportunities to improve business processes, and 3. production of an integrated
systems architecture. Quantitative benefits include actual dollar savings resulting from: 1. cost avoidance of
consultant services, 2. less time devoted to these studies, and 3. savings in the time required for application and
database design.
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Subject: Requirements; Models; Mathematical analysis; Data bases; Computer aided software engineering;
Company / organization: Name: IBM Corp; Ticker: IBM; DUNS: 00-136-8083;
Classification: 9130: Experimental/theoretical treatment; 5240: Software & systems
Publication title: IBM Systems Journal
Volume: 29
Issue: 4
Pages: 509
Number of pages: 17
Publication year: 1990
Publication date: 1990
Year: 1990
Publisher: International Business Machines Corporation
Place of publication: Armonk
Country of publication: United States
Publication subject: Computers--Computer Systems, Computers
ISSN: 00188670
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