On-Line Quiz System

This on-line quiz system has practice problems similar to that what you will find on the class examinations.

Quiz1Binary Numbers

Quiz2Boolean Algebra

Quiz3Logic Gates & Circuits

Quiz4min & Maxterms


Quiz5Important CLCs


Latchs & Flip-Flops

SLC Design

Important SLCs

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The ECE 2500 Homepage

Welcome. This is your official information source for Introduction to Digital Logic, a freshman-level engineering course, offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, currently serving approximately 120 students. In this course we examine engineering methods for designing digital logic circuits such as what is commonly found in computers and other kinds of digital hardware. ECE 2500 is a required course for students majoring in electrical engineering, computer systems engineering and computer science. Your instructor this fall is Dr. Dean Johnson, an Associate Professor in the Department.

Final Exam Week: December 14

The Final Exam is this week Thursday, December 14th at 10:15 a.m. in the morning in Rm D-109 Parkview (the usual lecture location). The final will have 10 questions from each of the materials of Exam I and Exam II and 4-5 questions from Quiz #10. The Final will be closed book/notes/calculators, as usual. (Exam solutions are posted in the calendar, to the left.) Bring a pencil or two, as usual.

Your final exam scores will bepublished on Elearning by Thursday night, Dec 14th. Final lab scores (Labs 1-12) will be posted after this. Grades will also be made available on Elearning by Tuesday next week.

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