Achilles with the
Body of Hector

This detail from a fifth-century Athenian vase shows Achilles bending over the body of Hector to fasten it to his chariot. He plans to drag the body around the Greek camp, so that by mutilating the corpse, he may get satisfaction for the death of his companion, Patroclus.

Achilles wears a helmet designed to cover the entire head and most of the face, like a ski mask. A Y-shaped slit in front leaves openings for the eyes, but provides a strip to cover the nose. In this picture the helmet has been pulled back on his head, since he is not in combat, and he can see his work more clearly. He carries a shield and two spears, as he attaches Hector's feet to the rear of the chariot. What female divinity stands before the chariot as if to prevent it from moving?