My main interests are helping people out with any situation they are in because I just like to help people. I also love baseball, it has been a part of my life since I have been very young. Playing baseball has brought my little brother and I very close, I have taught him everything I know and I know he will make it further than I did. I know he will make it further because my mother found out about travel baseball near the end of my baseball career and put my little brother in very young. My other interests are video games which I (with how nerdy this sounds) excell at video games. I used to be one of the best at Call of Duty and could still beat most of my friends if they tried playing me. There are many more interests that I have but I will end with my job, I work at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Portage as sales and management says I made a night and day difference since I have been hired. I love selling to people more for their benefit than anything else, but it is good to know I can sell to them.