The History of Business

Business is used world-wide, whether it’s used in companies or even in personal situations. It’s a very helpful study to know and learn about, so you can apply it in your daily life. The history of Business dated back to 1925, when Wallace B. Donham who was the Business Administrate dean at Harvard University. He was the founder of the Business History Society, the members of this society included: librarians, business men, and historians. The purpose of this society was to educate companies on the components of the business world. The society charged a fee of $100, and they posted a bulletin of the different business activities they had helped other people with. This Business society was a great way to help others in the business world, and even people outside of major business companies. It connects to what I want to do with my future, because with my major ISM, I am looking forward to working with business companies in understanding more about the process of selling and producing products different companies are willing to buy, which goes along with the supply chain management program.



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