About WMU


Western Michigan University was founded in 1903 and was Michigan's fourth public university. It is a close second to Michigan's big schools, Michigan State and University of Michigan. Our mascot here is the Bronco with a motto of "Grab the reins." Western has a nice sized campus with a wide range of buildings, sculptures, fountains, and so on, both old and new. Around 25,000 students are enrolled here so meeting new people isn't hard and provides a great university experience. There are more than 240 academic programs here and many of our school's academic colleges are nationally recognized, such as our school of Aviation and the Haworth College of Business. We have plenty of registered student organizations, fraternities, sororities, and countless extracurricular activities. Also, the people around here know how to party so there's tons of fun for each type of person looking to attend this school.

Here's a video of a student studying Anthropology explaining why she's attending WMU.

GO WEST. | Alexa from WMU Enrollment Management on Vimeo.