Here at WMU I plan on majoring in Marketing. Marketing can be simply put as the activities buyers and sellers perform to mutually satisfy exchange needs.
Over the years, marketing has gone through four eras: production, selling, marketing concept, and customer relationship. The production era started in the early 1900s. The general theory was to produce as much as you can, because there is a limitless market. During these days, this was true and the theory was logical. Next, starting in the 1920s, was the selling era. Starting with the assembly line, businesses developed mass-production techniques. This created a huge supply of products. Companies then had to focus more of their time on figuring out how to sell all of their products they just made. Then came the marketing concept era starting in 1945. The marketing concept has three parts including customer orientation, service orientation, and profit orientation. Customer orientation is finding out what customers want and simply provide for them. Service orientation is all about customer satisfaction and making sure everyone in a company is working together toward the same goal. Profit Organization is focusing on the products that will earn the most profit. These techniques were used throughout the 1970s. In the 1980s, the customer relationship era began. This means gaining information about your customer and then doing everything possible to satisfy those needs. The idea is to keep customers loyal to your company over long periods of time. The four different eras use strategies specifically designed for the time period. This shows how the market is always trying to adapt over time. This is what i enjoy about marketing.

All information has been recieved from the 10th edition of Western Michigan Universitie's Understanding Business course book.