2013 Summer Practicum at Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation

This the place where I did my practicum for my major, and it is basically like a paid
internship. It is a class and a job at the same time but you earn a paycheck every week.
I would reccomend this place to a lot of people to just go and work when you need money
in the summer because it is a pretty fun job because you are always outside with people, you
can talk to all the time while you are working. As long as you do not mind getting a little dirty
this would be the perfect job or practicum/internship.


Bronson Park

Bronson Parkis located in downtown Kalamazoo, and is one of the nicer parks in
Kalamazoo that we had to take care of on a daily basis because of how much traffic
the park got all day long. There is one down fall of the park and that is the homeless
people that sleeps on the benches and pic nic tables when people want to come to
the park with their families.




Radisson Hotel is right across the street from Bronson, and is a four diamond hotel
which brings a lot of people that are visiting from other places to go to Bronson
park and take a walk with their family or if there is a music festival or concert there
they could take their family to.



There is also a 8th District courthouse right across the street from
Bronson park that also has a lot of people that just goes to bronson
to relax after being in court for hours. Working at Bronson park I
have seen plenty of lawyers go and relax in the park for hours.



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