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My name is Jarrell Mckinney and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I went to Detroit Cody High School
and played three sports for them. I got recruited by a lot of big schools but because of my ACT score
I decided to come to Western Michigan University to play football on a full schoolarship. I did not like
the city of kalamazoo or the university when I first came to western but i have adapted over the years.
I am now in my sophomore football season starting at definsive end and my junior year in the class room
doing very well. What I want to do when I am done with football is go back to the city and help kids get
out of the bad situations by playing sports and giving them a chance to get free rides to college like how people
came back and helped me have a productive future.


lbjMy favorite athlete is Lebron James




Western Michigan is the great University that I attend





I also play football for Western Michigan University















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