LED Light Bulb Package Design

This project was focused on redesigning and improving the packaging for a product. In my design I wanted to keep the important information clear and simple while presenting it in an interesting way. The box is constructed in a way that can hold the light bulb without using any plastic. This is a redesign for Earthtronics brand bulbs.

Graphic Form Studies Book

This was a collaborative project with my classmates where each one of us was assigned a principle of design and had to make a composition reflecting it using our animal from the form/color project.

Form / Color

For this project, we each chose an animal to study and then had to create drawings of them in four different ways; line, shape, figure-ground relationship, and geometry. We then chose two of our drawings to add color to.

Symbol System

The goal of this project was to create a functioning symbol system where you thought it was be helpful. I designed these symbols to be used in the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University. I thought a symbol system would be helpful because classrooms and work areas are not always easy to find.

Emotion Patterns

The idea behind this project was creating a pattern using different shapes and colors that reflect the emotion.

Digital Photography

This was a self-directed project over the course of a semester in the introductory digital photography class. The series of photographs is about creating new compositions out of the colors and geometry of architecture.