James Haar’s Midterm

  1. IP vs. Domain Name: Explain the difference between an IP address and a domain name. Use WMU's server as an example.
  2. GIF vs JPEG: Explain the difference between the two most popular image formats in terms of their file size, colors and the way these formats are created. When would you choose a GIF over JPEG? And when would you choose JPEG over GIF?
  3. Primary vs. Secondary Audience: What is the difference between the primary target audience and the secondary target audience of your website? Explain with an example. Why would you need to target secondary target audiences?
  4. Browser vs. HTML Document:Explain the relationship between a browser and an HTML document.
  5. Vannevar Bush: Describe the main idea proposed by Dr. Vannevar Bush in his article 'As we may think' published in 1945.