Math 5800:  Number Theory

Jeff Strom
6607 Everett Tower
Number Theory Notes

TeX File

Class Meets
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
from 12:00--1:40,  in 3395 Rood Hall

Office Hours
Tuesday         9:10 -- 10:00 
Thursday       11:00 -- 11:50
Or by appointment, or simply drop in:  if I'm not busy, I'll be happy to talk with you.

Please contact me by email (or in class) if you want to meet with me but can't come at these times, and we'll find a time.  Once I know when people are coming I will change the office hours and (if necessary) add additional ones.

None, instead I'll be producing notes (above), and you'll work out the problems in the notes. 
There will be plenty of problems for you to work on; you should type your solutions in your own copy of the (evolving) TeX file above.  I'll ask you to send my your work every other week and mark you down your satisfactory progress (I'll make a list of problems I require you to do for this).  At the end of the semester you'll give me your final version and that will be your final project, graded not just for progress, but also correctness, style, and so on.

I encourage you to work together on any and all problems; your written work, though, needs to be your own solution (informed by your discussions with classmates, of course).
Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for making yourself aware of and understanding the policies and procedures in the Undergraduate (pp. 274-276) Catalog that pertain to Academic Honesty. These policies include cheating, fabrication, falsification and forgery, multiple submission, plagiarism, complicity and computer misuse. If there is reason to believe you have been involved in academic dishonesty, you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. You will be given the opportunity to review the charge(s). If you believe you are not responsible, you will have the opportunity for a hearing. You should consult with me if you are uncertain about an issue of academic honesty prior to the submission of an assignment or test.

Other Concerns
Please talk to me as soon as possible, or whenever something comes up, about any other concerns you have about the class.  If you have a disability and may require disability-related accommodations, talk to me as soon as possible; this includes invisible disabilities like chronic diseases, learning disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities.  If you have athletic or other extracurricular commitments and hope to accommodate them, talk to me.  If you are ill and fall behind on work, talk to me.  If you are in any way concerned about the course or your performance in it, talk to me. If you can't do the homework, or talk to me. Make an appointment, either after class, by phone or via email, if you can't make regular office hours.