Collegiate Objective

My journey to Western Michigan University is not what you’d call normal. My first semester of my freshman year in college I attended Spring Arbor University. I played soccer for the University, and quickly knew that although I enjoyed playing soccer at the next level, the school was not the right fit for me. I transferred here to WMU for the following semester, in attempt to start over and find myself. So as important as getting the wonderful education I will obtain from Western, I am here to first find myself, grow as a person, and use what I learn here to give me a advantage when moving onto the real world.

As important as continuing to find my self, and to grow as a person, I am not spending this high amount of money to strictly focus on myself. I also need to focus on my studies, and the importance of these upcoming years in my life. I am a Marketing major, and hope to use the knowledge I get from WMU to pursue my dream job. I hope to find myself a brand new approach on school, the amount of money my family and I are spending to get this degree does not allow me to continue my terrible studying skills I owned in high school, it will not allow for procrastination; although I have become self-proclaimed expert at doing so.

I have a long, and tiresome journey ahead of me, and I will need to complete each task before I can leave Western Michigan University satisfied.