Because of my ambition to create a game company, I researched  how the public
views the video games industry.

While the video game industry is a newer industry, it deals with a large sums of
money. Often times, companies will invest a large amount of capital into the
company, hoping to see a high return on their investment. One such company
is Providence Equaty. Providence Equity has $450 million invested in just one
U.S. game developer. It's just not 38 Studios, the one the state is backing.
(Grimaldi, Paul). While Providence Equity is only one company, it has created
many jobs for those interested in the gaming industry. However large the return
investment is, many are still unsure if they should invest. "It's incredibly difficult
and challenging to invest in. There are fewer and fewer companies that are
 willing to stomach the cost." Michael J. Dominguez, managing director at
Providence Equity (Grimaldi, Paul). Other companies that have entered or
possible are entering the industry include Viacom and several professional
altheles, such as former Red Sox pitching ace Curt Schilling.
Another reason for the lack of interest in the investment of the video game
industry is the negative publicity the gaming industry regularly faces. Claims
that video games lead to unstable youths and the selling of M rated games
to minors are some of the common issues this industry faces. However, the
gaming industry has never let this publicity affect it or harm its business.
On June 27, the Supreme Court decided, on a 7-2 vote, that California's
 law banning the sale or rental of violent video games to anyone under 18
was unconstitutional, striking it down before it went into effect. Other
states' laws have met similar fates. (Anonymous) Whenever the public
has attempted to limit the industry, one way or another, the gaming industry
is ale to prove that its postive traits out weight the negatives.

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