Collegiate Objective
On a personal level, I am entering college to see how I adjust to living by myself and to see how well I do in my studies. I have many goals for myself in this lifetime. However, my biggest goal is to graduate from Western Michigan University. Other then my studies though, I would like to discover my meaning to life during my time here. I alwasy have asked myself throughout my life the same two questions over and over. That being "what is my purpose?" and "what does my future hold?" In order for me to discover the answers to these two questions, I will have to sacrifice alot. Overall I would like to answer both of these question, but still stay focused on why I really am here and that is to get a degree.

On a professional level, I want to get a degree in Food and Consumer Goods Marketing. I would like to get this degree in four years too. Furthermore, I would like to also study abroad for a year, in Italy, Spain, South Africa, or Germany. One of my more scholary goals is to achieve around a 3.50 GPA average throughout my stay here at WMU. During these four year here at WMU I want to meet and get close to all sorts of business people, to get my name out there in the business world. Hopefully, my determination and my knowledge will help me achieve these goals of mine. However, in the end I hope that I end up with a good job that will help provide for my family and that I also enjoy doing.