Collegiate Objective
     On a personal level, I am entering college to expand my life experiences and gain new friends and moments to reflect on. Life is all about the memories and college is a critical time period in one's life. Not only is college full of new people to meet, but college also supplies unlimited amounts of opportunites to do things you've never done before. For instance, I never had a roommate before attending Western Michigan University. I've also never stayed on my own away from my parents and family. Therefore gaining life-long memories and experiences is my main personal colleguiate objectivee. Also, being the first person in my family to graduate from college is defintely an objective for me.
    On a professional level, I want to gain enough credentials (both academically and through internships) to eventually get a magnicificent job of my dreams. One of my scholarly goals is to achieve a GPA greater than or equal to 3.5. I want to continue to succeed on the football field and eventually become a full-time starter for the Western Michigan Broncos. Finally, I want to get a professional internship that I can place on my resume in the marketing department.