DETROIT LIONS HISTORY
     Football is an incredibley important thing in the city of Detroit now-a-days. It is weird to think that football wasn't always around in the past. The Detroit Lions were created in 1934 when Dick Richards purchased the Portsmouth Spartans. Dick then moved the team to Detroit and named the team to stay consistent with the other nicknames of the city (Tylenda). According to the Detroit Lions' website, the Lions played their first ever game on September 23rd at the Old University of Detroit Stadium. The Lions had sustained success until their first losing season in the year of 1941 (Tylenda). Another important milestone for the organization was Frank Sinkwhich winning the MVP award in 1944; being the first Detroit Lion to do so (2014). The MVP award is awarded to the most valuable player in the entire league. That is a great award as an organization because it brings great awarness to the city as well.
    As a whole, the Detroit Lions have been a rather below-average organization in the NFL. Over the span of their entire exsistence, the Lions' overall record is 517-620-32 (Jimenez). That record is far below five hundred so technically we are a below average organization. Although we haven't had the greatest success as a team, we have had historic players come through our organization. Players like Bart Starr, Barry Sanders, Charlie Sanders, and most recently Calvin Johnson. The all-time leading rusher in Detroit Lions history is Barry Sanders (2014). Barry Sanders is the face of the franchise as a whole.
    According to Forbes, the franchise is currently worth 900 million dollars. The Lions have just finished their twelth consecutive losing season so with that in mind the value isn't as bad as it could be. The Lions will try to have their first winning season in twleve seasons in 2014. They currently own the tenth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.


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