Collegiate Objective
Being 100% honest i've never been good in school. i graduated high school with a 2.9GPA. I've always been bad in school i always have to try harder,but never done as well as most people.At a point in mylife a while back, i stoped trying. The idea of school never really excited me. Being from my family School is not an option its a requirement. My dad and both of his sister all had girls the same year. I have two cousins and we're all the same age and one goes to Harvard with a full ride scolarship and the other goes to Uof M with a full ride also. You can say im the black sheep of the family i dont have any scolarships and my dad works everyday from morning to night so i can be her. My first couple of months here I felt like I couldnt do this but some where along the way a fire inside of be begain to burn in the middle of the semester and i stop being here because i had to and now i actually want to be here. Have you ever wanted to succeed so bad that success becomes your only interest in life. I havent been to a party in over a month and i dont do alot of the foolish things i use to waste my time doing. my friends are always telling me lately " you're always doing work" as if its a bad thing. when i hear statement like that all i do is look at it and laugh because i know hard work doesnt always pay of but i have this fire inside of me buring for success and i know it's going to be worth it. I've set different goals for myself, I look at myself differently now because i know i can do that simply because im doing it for me .At the end of the year i'm going to make the dean list not because of the benifits that comes with it but because i want to show im the best .