Saving the Future

Dear Dr Dunm

College is like a jungle. The college experience is survival of the fittest, you can become the predator or you can easily become the pray. Most students bring bad habits to the competition and some students develop new ones. Being on your own for the first time is an exciting experience.  Not everyone is ready for the responsibilities that come with this experience, regardless of how ready they may feel. Many student enter college underprepared and do not earn a degree because of the many berries they encounter. Western Michigan University is a school that does for its students. In order to insure its student academic success what more can Western Michigan do for their student?

There are many students entering college underprepare and there is a need for instructions to address this problem. The inability of underprepared students to complete academically with other students is due to prior educational experiences such as academic failures, poor preparation, or low expectations according to a study done by Walden University. K-12 is when the problem occurs for these unprepared students but they don’t start to experience the consequences until college. “As leaders of higher education we cannot continue to promote pushing the problem upward. The mastery of the basics of education, reading, writing and math, needs to occur in the K-12 system” ( Fujimoto, Jack). “Nearly half of all college students take at least one remedial course, a clear sign that high schools aren't passing along the skills needed to succeed in college. A push for change is now coming from colleges weary of doing the work of high schools.”( USA Today)

As a higher learning facility Western Michigan cannot push these students away. We as students and a felicity cannot give up on these students. These students have been sent to war unprepared with knives while everybody else were assigned guns in this battle called college. As their teammates and Generals it’s up to us to protect them. We need to become their shield not forever just until they can find their appropriate weapons. Many Colleges around the country provide tutoring services and many other services that can help these students. At western Michigan there are math tutors all over campus, there’s a writing center to help you ensure you’re on the right track when writing your paper. If you live in the dorms and your GPA is well below average they have a facility member who informs you to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on academically with your grades. Advisors are also a great source to help you become a prepare student. Your advisors can help point you in the right direction in order for you to make the right decisions. Many professors on campus are willing to go the extra mile to tutor some if these students themselves. Are all these extra steps necessary or can we do something to avoid some of them. What can we do to help these students before they get here and we’re scrambling trying to show them things they should have learned in previous years of their life and things they should be learning now?

In a situation where students are considering dropping out or feel as if college isn’t for them simply because they are not use to college or cannot learn at the pace of  most student they shouldn’t have to wonder what they can do for their university but instead what their university can do for them. Many colleges offer basically high school classes to college students to help them become ready for their actual classes. Colleges canProviding tutors from Broward Community College to Upward Bound schools”( Lewis, Faye) or  Instead of a "readiness" course, I advocate another alternative for the problem. Using the millions of precious public dollars currently being spent yearly by colleges in remedial education, I say that colleges should work with high schools to identify students in their first year who require remedial education and work together to solve the problem early on and not later.”( PAUL J. GOMEZ). Many people may think this might lose a lot of jobs but would you prefer to lose a few jobs or educate a society?

At Western Michigan University I am perfectly aware that as president of our school you have your students and faculty best interest at heart. Every major change calls for a sacrifice. I strongly feel this is a very beneficial sacrifice, this form of action will benefit more people then it’ll hurt. Making this sacrifice means in a few years’ professors can teach college classes at college levels, instead of making them feeling like they’re high school teachers, simply because they have to dumb it down a notch so that everyone in the class is on track with the lesson. Graduation rate will increase simply because people won’t have to deal with the pressure of feeling as if they’re being left behind because they can’t move at the proper pace. More students will start to graduate in four years instead of 5+ years. It is time for a course of action to help your students and future students succeed in college. It’s time for you to not just fight with you men (student and faculty) but to fight for them. Let’s save these students futures. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. We the people need change.





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