Collegiate Objective
My collegiate objective is to achieve a high level of knowledge specifically pertaining to the field of Accountancy as that is the field in which I have chosen to major.  Though its primary focus will be on accounting, my education will not be limited to the confides of a single subject.  It is my intent to become well versed in as many different subjects as possible in the hopes of not only establishing myself as one the best businessman this country has seen, but also to become an active, contributing citizen of the world in which we live.
As for my professional career, once I am finished with the institutional education system, I will become a certified public accountant.  With this acreditation, I will continue my career as a businessman by landing a position at a CPA firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After I hvae gained a fair amount of knowledge and experience working in the field, I plan to start, own, and manage a CPA firm.  Being a business owner will be no easy feet by any stretch of the imagination.  It is for this reason that I am currently pursuing a degree at WMU in the hopes of eventually owning and operating a successful business some day.