Collegiate Objective

The reasoning for my enrollment here at WMU is to not only further my academic studies, but to also broaden my horizons to the immense opportunities the world offers and  to further my knowledge of life and all that comes with it. I hope to obtain the knowledge that will help me be successful when I am done with my undergraduate degree in Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing.  I hope to meet people that are as focused and driven as me in succeeding in studies but also like to have a good time with free time.  Personally, I anticipate the next four years and know that it will prepare me for what I will experience after college.

Academically, I hope to succeed in all of my classes. Succeeding to me doesn’t mean an A; it means working my hardest to understand the material and striving for academic excellence. On the road to my degree I am aware there will be classes that cause me to think I am not capable of passing. When I encounter these hiccups, I will remember that when you put your mind to something you will strive to capture the goal.

I know that WMU will prepare me to be the unsurpassed individual when attending job interviews. I know WMU will not only prepare me academically for the working world, but also socially and personally. I am truly honored to be a part of this university and cannot wait to bring home success the day I receive that diploma!