Prosperity of Single Gender Education

          In the United States today most high schools, public or private, are coeducational. The students who attend don’t realize the missed opportunity and life altering benefits single gendered schooling does for oneself. One of the most obvious situations single gendered schooling does is it omits classroom distraction. It is only natural for the opposite sexes to try to impress each other. When students are surrounded by the same sex, they seem to have more confidence, letting them be comfortable expressing their opinion in classroom discussions. It becomes known to the students that their opinion on a certain matter will not be ridiculed by someone they are trying to impress of the opposite sex and gives a student the self-assurance of being comfortable expressing their thoughts aloud when in a single gendered class. Placing students in an environment they are comfortable with, and have no distractions, cause them to grasp more of the information during class which leads to an increase in test scores. An increase in test scores is relatable to success in getting into elite colleges and also just succeeding in general. Co-educational schooling can also have these effects on a student, but they are more wide spread to students who attend single gendered schools.  Single sex education is more beneficial during the adolescent years of learning because it takes away classroom distraction, gives students a better sense of personal identity and can increase test scores.

          One of the most obvious reasons when finding the benefit of single sex education is the limitation it brings to distraction in the classroom. Throughout history, people have always assumed that girls mature earlier than boys. Boys usually are given more time than girls to mature, whether that is physically or personally. Well, history isn’t wrong. The Scientific Fundamentalist states, “Because girls on average mature faster than boys, the male advantage in intelligence does not appear until after puberty, when boys and girls finish maturing and growing.  Until then, girls are on average always more mature than boys at any given chronological age.”(Kanazawa). Considering this fact, the unbalancing of boys and girls in a classroom can be a real downfall. A study that was taken in a school in Florida included the results that girls learn better in an uncommunicative organized environment while boys tend to learn better when placed with little to no guidelines and are free to roam the classroom and participate with other students (Chicago Tribune). When in a coed environment, having these two different modes of learning can be nearly impossible for the teacher to teach. Studies taken by the National Association of Single Sex Public Education (NASSPE) have shown it is easier for teachers to educate single gendered classrooms because of the different techniques needed to fully captivate the student’s attention toward the subject matter (374-381). For many of these teachers, they were trained by the NASSPE to adopt a certain approach to the specific gender they were assigned to teach (374-381). This specialty training helps to educate the teacher on the approach to take since both genders learn differently. After they are trained, the teachers realized how to approach each separate gender to help students grasp the material presented in class (374-381). Overall, having no classroom distraction is very helpful when trying to grasp and understand the area under discussion. Coming from a single gendered high school, classroom distraction was at the bare minimum. Being in a learning environment that almost everyone is on the same learning path as you helps the students have their full attention on the teacher. It also helps the teacher to cover more material because of the less time needed during class to explain or reiterate directions. Coeducational environments do offer the chance to fully grasp the material but sometimes it is better to detach the girls and the boys. Boys tend to joke around when girls just want to get their stuff done. Girls may slow down the teacher in math class which leaves the boys with irritation since math usually comes easier to boys (Tachibana). The way to solve problem of irritation and distraction in the coeducational atmosphere is to merely deal with it or depart to a single sex environment, where everyone is able to interpret classroom learning and regulations.


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