Picture of Self Collegiate Objective  

I came to Western Michigan University with the hopes of fulfilling my childhood dream of being a pilot. I know that WMU has a great aviation program that has helped me develop and grown professionally and mentally. As I enter my senior year at WMU I hope to use all of the great resources that WMU has to offer to continue to develop professionally and grow into a competent individual in today’s competitive business society.

After college, I plan on trying to become certified to be a helicopter pilot and try to get a job with the CIA to get CIA operatives out of hotspots.  I plan on doing this by using my superior flying ability combined with my quick awareness to protect our homeland from attacks both domestic and abroad. If that fails, my plan is to marry rich, like someone on the LPGA  tour or a movie star, I’ve always like Hollywood.

I hope to come back to WMU after a very successful pilot career and retire here in Kalamazoo so I can teach students like me how to fly. By then I would have donated a lot of money it would be called J.A School of Aviation, standing for Justin Antony School of Aviation.  Doesn’t that have a great sound to it, doesn’t it?