Collegiate Objective

College Objective

My goal for college is to get the skills and credentials to get myself started in a business career. A college degree gives you so many more possibilities for the rest of your life. Along the way I hope to discover more about myself, who I am, what I want my future to have in store, college should help me with this. In 15 years I want to have a job that is not to stressful, but also pays well enough so that money is never a question for me. I want to grow as a person. Right now, I am an immature freshman. In four years the hope is that I am a mature young man, entering the business world. Neither of my parents are in business, but I have a few family members in the field who are extremely successful. I have a close family friend who is a Senior Vice-President for J.B Hunt. These people are my professional role models. I realize that it takes special skills to make it far. Skills that I gain in classes like CIS, these small skills that set you apart from students at other schools. In fact, its all a competition, my classmates are going to be my competitors when it comes to getting a job in a few years. I am trying to set myself apart as much as possible in college so that I am looked at as more highly qualified. I want that top job, just like everybody else, which leaves me thinking every second- “how can I make myself better today.” This applies to my academics, social life, and physical health. My goals for my graduation are to have a 3.25 GPA and a degree in Integrated-Supply Management, Finance, or Economics in Business. Of course goals change, ideas change, and people change. Until graduation however my motto is “grind hard now, live good later.”