Collegiate Objective                 
        I am going through college to achieve my goals to be a grade A accountant. I also have come to college to learn a greater knowldge about the world around me. I want to know why things happen and what makes things the way that they are. I feel that going to college at Western Michigan University will provide me with the information needed to complete that thought. I hope to be able to really get a good picture of who I really am and to not only learn about the world around me but also learn about myself as a person.
      As a professional I want to learn about my future carrer and Surround myself with those who have similar dreams. I would like to become successfull in my field. I didnt have the greatest high school performances but here at college I hope to reverse that trend for the better.I have become a more dedicated student than ever before so I hope that this will make me a great candidate for future employers.