Collegiate Objective
My collegiate Objective is to be the best I can be at my career in Sales. I want companies to want to hire me so bad, and I want my name known. My goal first semester was to get a 4.0 GPA, but I came to the realization that that is really hard to acomplish while balencing a social life. In the end of my first semester I ended up with a 3.63 GPA, and was on the Dean's List. I joined Sales and Business Marketing Associaion because I knew that would give me more of a chance for companies to see me and to get my name out there. Having Sales in my blood, I knew what I wanted to be at a young age, and I knew it was obtainable with the right work ethic. Thomas Rienzo's class for CIS really put me at an advantage too, because he taught me important and useful ways to use programs like excel, and access that can really make me stand out. I plan on working for a company as an Inside or Outside salesman and toping my company every year on all levels. Hopefully I can make my family proud, and impress those around me with my skill and intellegence.