Jacqueline T. Eng, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008




China, Mongolia, and Nepal

My interest in China stems from an early curiosity about my cultural heritage and from a longstanding fascination relating to social transitions and their consequences upon human health during China’s long history. My research interest has expanded to studies in Mongolia and the interactions between ancient pastoralists and agriculturalists. More recently, I have begun research in Nepal.



During the summers of 2001–2003, I participated in an international project exploring Viking Age settlement at Mosfell. As an osteologist and archaeologist, I gathered data on early Icelandic remains. READ MORE»



In 2002, I performed bioarchaeological analysis of post-Medieval skeletal remains from Transylvania. READ MORE»


United States

I have excavated archaeological sites in Illinois (Middle Woodland) and California, which include Middle Horizon to historic period sites, examination of Chumash and Gabrielino skeletal populations, and work on modern forensic cases. For my senior honors thesis at UC Davis, I collected skeletal health data from central California collections spanning the Early to Late Horizons. READ MORE»





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