Jacqueline T. Eng, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008


Jacqueline T. Eng




I am an Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology in the Anthropology Department at Western Michigan University. In addition to advising and committee service to graduate students, I have mentored several undergraduate students, including those who have been awarded the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Award. Several students have presented their work at BARFAA and AAPA annual meetings. I have also mentored several students from the Kalamamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center.

Each semester I teach:
Anthropology 2500: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Other courses I teach:

Anthropology 3510: Human Osteology (every other year)

Anth 3530: Bioarchaeology (every other year)

Anth 4510: Paleopathology (every other year)

Anth 5550: Bioarchaeology of Violence (special topics, 1 semester only)

Anth 6030: Seminar in Biological Anthropology

Starting Fall 2012, I now also teach an introductory course on Forensic Anthropology (recommendation is to take Anth 2500 prior, and if you want more indepth training and applied skills, then follow the 2500 and 2510 courses with Anth 3510 Human Osteology and the other upper division courses)






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