The Rabbit Info Page

Rabbits make great pets. They can become like any other house pet and are easy to keep where it is impossible to have a dog or cat. They are very easy to train, will use litter pans, and can get along well with other pets. They are clean, docile, and intelligent. There are over 40 different recognized breeds, so it is best to check out which one would fit best into your lifestyle.


Some of the most popular breeds include:

1.Holland lop - Sweet, affectionate, mellow.

2.Netherland Dwarf - Energetic and lively.

3.Mini Rex - Plush coat and a medium energy level, happy to play or be petted.

4. Dutch - Inquisitive, good natured and quiet to handle.

The best age to buy a rabbit is five to eight weeks old. When choosing a rabbit it is important to find one that has been hand held and socialized from an early age. This is hard to come by when shopping at a pet store. It is recommended that you find a breeder that specializes in the breed you are interested in. Rabbits from breeders are usually healthier, happier, and will make a better pet. Another good place to find a rabbit is from a rescue because they usually vet check the animals and nueter them. They also will give lots of advice to first time rabbit owners. For more advice visit Rabbits as Pets.

Housing and feeding are two main aspects of rabbit care. They may be housed inside or outside. They require protection from rain and direct sunlight. Cages must be well ventilated and constructed from chew proof material. Rabbits are purely herbivores. Pelleted food should always be available. After the age of three months veggies, grass, and hay may be added. For more info visit: Fuzzy-Rabbit

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