It's November Now,

Autumn Leaves Fall, Weather Changes,

And Thanksgiving Day is Coming...

Why? Because we can.

Dr. Philip  

"Everything is Physics..."

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All WMU Classes going from 3 digits to 4 digits starting Summer 2005. Usually this means adding a trailing zero. Any time you see a mention of PHYS-113, think PHYS-1130.

Please note the change in the WMU calendar starting in Spring 2006.

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    The 2005 World Year of Physics

    IMAX Space Station 3D Movie !!

    The Planetary Alignment of 2002

    2003 Mars Close Approach

    The Closest Approach in Some 60,000 years

    Fall 2005 Close Approach will be pretty good, too.


    I am NOT the "Dr. Phil" on TV!

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    This is Dr. Phil:

    This is Dr. Phil

    The 2004 Clarion Experience

    Clarion has moved once again, this time from Michigan State University in E. Lansing MI to UC-San Diego. Here's the new website.