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HNRS-2900 (Math/Physics)

Honors Integrating Seminar

Honors Math
Jay A. Wood
3305 Everett Tower
Office: (269) 387-4542 		
Jay Wood's homepage, Jay Wood's HNRS-2900 webpage		
Honors Physics
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
2203 Everett Tower
Office: (269) 387-4942

Class: 	W	4:00-4:50pm
2211 Rood Hall

Class Dates:	
 1.  January  9   Introduction
 2.  January 16   Standing waves on a string, Wave eq'n in (x,t)
                  www.ams.org | Bulletin | Current Issue | Laks article
 3.  January 23   Standing waves demos in 1110 Rood
 4.  January 30   Dr. Phil snowbound, Dr. Wood on wave equations
 5.  February  6  Dr. Phil leaving early, Dr. Wood continues wave equations
 6.  February 13  Computer simulations of all types of musical instruments
                  Animusic and Animusic 2 DVDs in 1110 Rood
 7.  February 20  Looking at Fundamental and 1st Overtone diagrams as a
                  function of time; using Boundary and Initial Conditions
 8.  February 27  More on Boundary and Initial Conditions of wave equation.
 -.  Spring Break
 9.  March 12     An aside ripped from the trashcan on Eigenvalues and 
                  Eigenfuctions. Fourier Series solutions to the wave equation.
10.  March 19     The 2-D Standing Waves of the square drumhead. Modes of
                  vibration. Nodal lines. Discussion of types of solutions
                  for rectangular and circular drumheads. Steel drums. Describe
                  demo setup with a metal plate fixed at center, not at
                  edges.  Demo: Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you 
                  can hear!
11.  March 26     The circular drumhead.  Wave equation and separation of
                  variables in polar coordinates.  Bessel's Equation.  
                  An aside with the more general Euler Equation.  And of course
                  the Greek alphabet -- so useful in math and physics equations.  
12.  April  2 *** Fill in the details of how we solve the radial part, R(r), of
                  the wave equation for the circular drumhead. 
13.  April  9 *** R(r) ends up as Bessel's Equation of the First Kind (J) or
                  Second Kind (Y).  The latter has a singularity (infinity) at
                  r = 0.  Not usuable unless drumhead has a hole in the center.
                  The J-functions resemble sin and cos functions, but not as
                  regular.  Make an analogy between the n=0 J-function and 
                  Web Search Activity -- looking for a good description and good
                  pictures for one of eight topics with a connection to the
                  work we've done this semester.  Work in groups of two.  URL's
                  for each group are to be sent to Dr. Phil by 9pm Tuesday 15
                  April 2008. (Click here for a copy of the handout.) 
14.  April 16 *** URL Presentations (URLs here)

This course is for Spring 2008.

NOTE: There is no Final Exam for this Seminar.