PHYS-1060 (2) Introduction to Stars and Astronomy{short description of image}

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The Last Lecture Handout -- Click here for a copy.

Week 1 · 09-08-09, 09-10-09

Hubble Deep Field (Ursa Major) · Hubble Ultra Deep Field (3 months exposure)

Hubble Is Back!

A NOTE ON HISTORY BEING MADE IN MAY 2008: Click here to see one of the most important photographs in human history. Be sure to click on the link Full Resolution to see the picture in detail. Not sure why this is so important? Click here for one scientist's view. -- You're welcome, Dr. Phil.

Week 2 · 09-15-09, 09-17-09

NGC6888 Crescent Nebula Space Shuttle Discover Launch 8-28-09 LCROSS Impact Site for Friday 9 October 2009 LCROSS Milky Way Over the Badlands Irregular Galaxy NGC 55 (seen edge-on, re: Milky Way from inside the Milky Way, or Figure 1.14 in textbook) Betelgeuse from 640 LY away

(Near) Space Travel for $148 Your Eyes Can Deceive You (Hidden Circles) Light Views Of Andromeda A Tarantula... Another View... Nearby

Week 3 · 09-22-09, 09-24-09

Picture of a Molecule Orange Sunset (Helsinki) Orange-Blue Skies Aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) Gravitational Lens of Abell 370 Jupiter's Moon Ganymede (larger than Mercury or Pluto) NGC-3621 Island Galaxy (22 MLY, Standard Candles) If you have a pair of red/green 3-D glasses... Mt. Whitney 360° Night Sky View

Those Crafty Ancient Greeks A Rocky Exoplanet (But Not Yet Home)

Week 4 · 09-29-09, 10-1-09

The Lagoon Nebula 400LY Away Lunar Eavesdropping Moving Illusion (READ WARNINGS) Mercury via Messenger (Third Pass) Alone In The Universe (1984)

Some additional review materials:

Apparent Magnitude Tables. Nearest Stars Table. **note Proxima Centauri**

Kepler's Laws and Comments

Where is M13? (free software) Inside the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies Carina Pillars - Why We Observe In More Than Visible Light

All the Colors of the Sun. Visible Light (ROYGBIV). The E-M Spectrum. Doppler Shift.

Week 4 · 10-6-09, 10-8-09

Friday 9 October 2009 Lunar Impact Party Black Hole Simulations Cold Dust Clouds in the Southern Cross The International Space Station (compare with June 2008) Comet Passing Through Great Orion Nebula Same Color Illusion

Earth Crossing Asteroids (For Real) LCROSS Impacts Moon Friday 9 October 2009 7:30am EDT

Staring at a Quiet Sun 2008. An Active Sun from the Autumnal Equinox 1998. Inside a Sunspot.

Week 5 · 10-13-09, 10-15-09

When Galaxies Collide 50 Years of Space Travel in a Chart (link fixed) Next Generation Rocket Test Giant Ring Around Saturn

Starry Skies Over Easter Island Caught It, But Not Giant Plume Bright Stars in Starburst Galaxy

Butterfly Pattern. The Little Ice Age.

Refracting and Reflecting Telescopes. Adaptive Optics. Interferometry in Astronomy.

Barnard's Galaxy (small irregular dwarf, halfway to Andromeda) Pleiades and Dust Clouds

Our Sun's Spectrum. Spectrum of the Sun as a Blackbody. The Major Stellar Types (Main Sequence: O,B,A,G,K,M, from top to bottom; no F star).

Spectral Types of Stars (Main Sequence). H-R Diagram (article).

Week 6 · 10-20-09, 10-22-09

LCROSS Anticipation Fail NASA Results (pics) Saturn in The Big Picture A Solar Prominence On A Quiet Sun Opportunity Plugs Along

The Star Pillars of Sharpless 171 Bright Nebulae in M33 Milky Way's Cold Dust Clouds in IR

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature. Atoms and Molecules.

Most Distant Cluster of Galaxies (10.2 billion LY) Other Sources of Potassium... in Stellar Spectra Early Morning Planets Dust Devils

Another Optical Illusion The Sun in The Big Picture.

Week 7 · 10-27-09, 10-29-09

The Jewel Box. Technicalities (100 km limit). NGC-7331 Spiral Galaxy. Remember The Third Dimension! Cygnus Hydrogen Gas.

Zodiacal Light From Interplanetary Dust. The Galaxy Zoo Project. Crab Nebula (1054 AD Supernova).

Graph Paper Generator. One. Two. List of Nearest Stars. List of Nearest Bright Stars.


Week 8 · 11-03-09, 11-05-09

Water Geysers On Enceladus (Saturn moon) Cosmic Rays (sub-atomic particles) From Galaxies With Lots Of Young Stars?

A Bit Of Online Comic Silliness Apollo 17 Landing Site from LRO The Seven Sisters and California Nebula Bubble & M52

Ares 1-X Launch Average (Perceived) Color of the Universe VdB 152 Reflection Nebula Whad'Ya'Know (MSU)

Revamped Hubble: Stellar Nurseries In Spiral Arms of M83 Phoenix Lander Spotted On Mars (recall this image) More Mars

The Sun in Hydrogen-alpha Wavelengths Spicules Supernova remnant. A Thousand LY Away Near Rigel. Arp 147 in APOD.

G2 Sun versus VY Canis Major (LC 0) Hypergiant


Week 8 · 11-10-09, 11-12-09

Three Space Telescopes View Galactic Center Annotated Apollo 11 Landing Site from LRO The Big Picture: Mars (note on Fractals)

Moonslide? Saturn After Equinox An Active Galactic Nucleus After Galactic Collision M7 Open Star Cluster With Bright Blue Stars

Stickney Crater on Phobos (Martian Moon) M57 Ring Nebula (Planetary Nebula)

Dr. Phil at WindyCon 36 in Chicago (in case you care) (Your Very Own Powers of 10 Zoomable System) Speaking of Apollo Hoaxers

Stars With Planets Are Low in Lithium? NGC 981 and Supernova SN2009js Supernova 1987a (Island Universe History)


Week 9 · 11-17-09, 11-19-09

What I Did This Weekend (Christian Ready of the HST) Supernova Ready To Blow? The View ISS Transits The Moon

The Leonids Peak Tuesday NIGHT LCROSS Hits Water M57 The Ring Nebula (see Week 8 above) Young Stars

Extending the Range of Star Types (W/WR, OB, L, T, Y, C, S, Dx), Neutron Stars. Black Holes. Supernova.

Betelgeuse Solar Wind Meets Interstellar Medium. Galaxies. List of Nearest Galaxies.

Getting Science Right and Wrong in Movies (a blatant reminder about your Topic 1 paper)

2012 (NOT!) 3D Fractals HST's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 on Display at Smithsonian (NPR)

WIMPs In Space (The Search for Dark Matter) NGC-4710 Edge-on View of Bulge and Globular Clusters (Which came first)

Leonids Not Heavy This Year Omega Centauri Globular Cluster (expensive equipment). More on Carina Nebula Wolf-Rayet Stars.

NGC1532/1531 Cannibalism. The Star-Gas-Star Cycle. Astrochemistry -- The Astrochymist. Giant Elliptical Galaxy.

M16 -- Eagle Nebula -- Pillars of Creation (see Figure 14-10 in text) Galactic Center Study

Week 10 · 11-24-09, 11-26-09

Exam 3 and Thanksgiving. No lectures, no special links.

Week 11 · 12-01-09, 12-03-09

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC, CERN) is Up and Running -- Safely -- Big Picture. It's Raining Methane On Titan, With Seasons!

Fire In The Skies Over South Africa (Cameras Are Everywhere) and Utah. Galaxy Zoo -- Colliding Galaxies More Galactic Bulges

A Scale Model-of the Solar System. 2012 Nonsense Doesn't Even Get Real Facts Right. A How-To on Stargazing. Dark Sands.

Yup, the Earth Rotates. Crescent Earth. V838 Mon Echoes of 2002 Bright Flash. NGC 6992: Filaments of the Veil Nebula.

Your Gateway to a 500 Million Pixel Milky Way Panorama. Our Neighborhood - The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

NGC 253 - Frantic Star Formation (next galactic group over). NGC 1097's Faint Jets Show Previous Meal? (Invert Image)

NGC 660 Polar Ring Galaxy. Eroding Dust Clouds in Rosette Nebula. NGC 7771 Galaxy Group. Irregular Galaxy NGC 55.

Galaxies in Pegasus. (Stephan's Quintet) Starburst Galaxy M94. Red Shift, Blue Shift - We're Moving. Expansion of the Universe.

Hubble's Equipment.

Week 12 · 12-08-09, 12-10-09

Hubble Really Deep Field - Galaxies All The Way. Double Star Clusters: NGC 869 and NGC 884. Stars over the Himalayas.

Dark Matter. Dark Energy. Gravitational Lensing of Abell 1869.

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