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PHYS-1070 (19) 8am

Elementary Physics (4 credits)

WMU Spring 2007 Semester

MTuWTh(F) 8:00-8:50am · 1110 Rood Hall

Registration CRN Numbers:

CRN: 12694 - PHYS-1070 - 100

This course is now completed.

Final Course Grades and Breakdown by Category 5/1/2007 Tuesday *** NEW! NOTE: There was an error in grading X3. 1e should be "C", but the Solution has the wrong bubble marked. 5000 points will be added to all the raw X3 scores. Final Exam Stats XF raw curved n 40 40 hi 179 200 lo 68 100 ave 132.8 154.1 s.d. 27.11 26.50

Office Hours · Syllabus (Corrected and Updated 1/17/2007 We) · Booklist (from Summer I 2006 -- Searchable Web Page FYI only - Do NOT Print This; Booklist (Current Full List 1/11/2007 Th Downloadable PDF File) ·

New!  Ostdiek & Bord 5th Edition

Lost and Found items, look here

Sample Exam 1 Solution (from Fall 2004) · Solution (from Summer 2006) ·

Sample Exam 1: First Set here and here (1-23-2007 Tu); Second Set here and here (1-25-2007 Th); Third Set here and here (1-31-2007 We)

NOTE: These are Exam 1's from previous semesters with solutions -- the Sample Exams handed out in class do NOT come with solutions, so you can learn how to assess your own answers. PTPBIP!

Spring 2007 Exam 1 Solution

Sample Exam 2 Solution (from Fall 2004) · Solution (from Summer 2006) ·

Sample Exam 2: First Set here and here (2-15-2007 Th); Second set here and here (2-20-2007 Tu); Third set here (2-23-2007 F);

For Exam 2: NO Newton's Law of Universal Gravity, NO artificial gravity in rotating space stations.

Spring 2007 Exam 2 Solution

Sample Exam 3 Solution (from Fall 2004) · Solution (from Fall 2003) ·

Sample Exam 3: First Set here and here (3-22-2007 Th); Second Set here and here and here (3-30-2007 F);

Spring 2007 Exam 3 Solution · NOTE: Exam 3 Grading is now done, see above. Solution was handed out Thursday 19 April 2007 so you will have something to study for the Final Exam.

Sample Final Exam Solution (from Fall 2004) · Solution (from Fall 2003) ·

Sample Final Exam: First Set here and here (4-12-2007 Th); Second Set here (4-17-2007 Tu); Third Set here and here (4-19-2007 Th)

FINAL EXAM FORMAT: As in the Sample Exams handed out Thursday 19 April 2007, one problem of multiple guess questions (50,000 points), and three problems each with five parts (3 × 50,000 points), for a total of 200,000 points. Yes, the Final Exam is cumulative. Roughly ¼ Exam 1 material, ¼ Exam 2, ¼ Exam 3 and ¼ the material since Exam 3. But you've seen the Sample Final Exams.

This week in PHYS-1070 at 8am.

Course Descriptions from the WMU Undergraduate Catalog

via Registrar’s Pages on GoWMU (http://gowmu.wmich.edu/)

PHYS 1070 Elementary Physics – 4 hrs. –

This course surveys physics from mechanics to modern physics in one semester. It is designed for students in curricula requiring a one semester course at the level of general college physics. Prerequisite: MATH 1100 or equivalent. Corequisite: PHYS 1080.

PHYS 1080 Elementary Physics Laboratory – 1 hrs. –

This is a laboratory course which includes exercises related to topics covered in PHYS 1070. Corequisite: PHYS 1070.

Course Goals:

TO BECOME KNOWLEDGEABLE and FUNCTIONAL in using physical science concepts and conceptual relationships to describe, predict and explain events in the everyday world. TO UNDERSTAND the basic nature of science, that it consists of two kinds of truths, some observationally true and other truths that are accepted because of supported theories. TO UNDERSTAND how scientists talk about the world and to understand how this differs from how non-scientists talk about the world. TO ACCEPT the importance of the knowledge of "how we know something is so" in science. TO UNDERSTAND the importance of prior conceptions about the physical world in learning (and teaching) physical science and how it interacts with Nature.

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