19 may 2013 sunday

Dr. phil is very ill.

i have been hospitalized for 2 weeks -- and will be in a long term care facility for probably another 6 weeks.

please have patience if you have been trying to get ahold of me.

The Flood of April 2013

Office Hours, Etc.

Thursday 4:25: Still spiking high fever from time to time. I will NOT be having Office Hours on campus on Friday.

Wednesday 4/24: How did I get the flu?

Monday 4/22: Whew. Imagine my relief to actually drive to K-zoo and get to my office. Both classes have updates to their Pre-Final Grades. PHYS-2050 (Tuesday Final) has all quizzes 1-13 input. PHYS-1070 (Wednesday Final) has quizzes 1-11 and 13 input. Q12 just went to the grader. Exam 2 and Exam 3 corrections have been entered.

Saturday 4/20: PHYS-2050 Sample Final Exam Winter 2002: After using these files for some ten years, it has just been pointed out to me that 2c and 2d above have answers which don't match the questions.  2c should be taking a derivative (not an integral) and  have an answer like: ± =  0 + 7.00 rad/sec² + (21.00 rad/sec)4(t)², evaluated for t = 1.23 sec.  I don't have time to run the numbers for 2d. 2e is a mess.  We must've had some manual corrections on the solution to that exam which were never corrected in file -- and either no one has ever noticed in ten years or no one bothered to mention it to me.  Or figured with this many mistakes I didn't know what I was doing! For 2e you're going to end up with a quadratic equation.  In 4d, the square root wasn't done, so  t = 1.749 sec and x = (7.80 m/s) (1.749 sec) = 13.64 m.

Friday 4/19: We're still dealing with basement flooding and Dr. Phil will NOT be on campus.


Monday 4/22:
Tuesday 4/23:
Wednesday 4/24:
Thursday 4/25: Dr. Phil is expecting to work at home on Thursday
Friday 4/26: Last Chance to make up any exam.

Monday 4/29:
Tuesday 4/30: Dr. Phil will be working at home on Tuesday

Last Update: 25 April 2013 Thursday