Topic 2 Worksheets

Taking Real World Data for a Car

Topic 2 is worth 100,000 points, same as a test, same as the paper.

Click here for a copy of Worksheet 1 - Data Sheet.

Click here for a copy of Worksheets 2-4 -- Calculations Sheets.

Worksheet 1

  1. The time it takes to accelerate from rest to a final speed of your choosing.
    1. Can start from a traffic light OR
    2. From side of the road or ramp.
    3. Only have to count the seconds out load and remember the time
    4. and write it down LATER if you are driving.
    5. Do this when traffic is light or no one is around.
  2. A trip somewhere -- Long Trip ** or a Series of Short Trips Around Town
    1. Record starting mileage and clock time.
    2. Record ending mileage and clock time.
    3. This works best with a longer trip, but can be just a trip to the store.
  3. Measure fuel usage
    1. Fill the tank and record the mileage.
    2. On the back of the Data Sheet, make rough notes
      1. about the time spent driving on this tank of gas.
    3. Fill the tank a second time and record the mileage
    4. AND the number of gallons pumped this second time.
    5. This gas usage does NOT have to be the same trip as above in ** for the Long Trip, but should be same for Short Trips.
    6. This works best when you use more than 4 gallons,
    7. but you WON'T be graded on the number.
  4. More Worksheets to follow next week using this data.

Worksheets 2-4

These really are "worksheets" -- just follow the directions and do the math on the numbers from your Worksheet 1.

ALL Worksheets are due Thursday 6 December 2012, either in class or by 5pm.

Last Update: 30 November 2012 Friday