PHYS-1070 (27) Topic 1 -- Book Assignment

As discussed in class, the Science Literacy Topic 1 Assignment:


The Book Assignment (PDF download - 28 pages) (Searchable HTML - don't print this!)

This Science Literacy Assignment is designed to help grades, if you take it seriously, and is NOT some onerous research paper with footnotes. (grin) Have fun with it -- and you have about two months to get it done. It is worth 100,000 points, same as an Exam, and I like most of the papers.

PHYS-1070: Due Thursday 10 April 2014 at 5pm

Grace Period Ends: Monday 14 April 2014 at 5pm

If you need a copy of the original 2-page handout from class, click here for a copy.

Last Update: 16 January 2014 Thursday.