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PHYS-1800 (9) 10am

Physical Science for Elementary Education Lab

WMU Spring 2007 Semester

TuTh 10:00-11:50am · 1413 Wood Hall

Registration CRN Numbers:

CRN: xxxxx - PHYS-1800 - 545

The FINAL EXAM date has been confirmed by the Registrar
to be:  Monday 23 April 2006 from 10:15am-12:15pm
(The date and time which were on the Registrar's web pages
was wrong for Monday at 8am classes.)

You're welcome, Dr. Phil. 

Office Hours (Updated for FINALS 2007)

You can look up your Final Grades here.

HW -- 1/09 Tu -- Read Ch.1-2. Ch. 1 problems: 2,3 (on own), 6, 10 (will be turned in for 1/16 Tu)

HW -- 1/16 Tu -- Think about your model of light; Ch. 1 problems 3, 5 (to be turned in for 1/18 Th); Quick Quiz on 1/18 Th

HW -- 1/18 Th -- Section 1-5 on Interviewing about what "a few people" think about light (to be turned in for 1/25 Th); Test Case 3 on p. 16 -- write up for your portfolio. Don't forget class and first test in 1110 Rood Hall on 1/22 Monday!

HW -- 1/23 Tu -- Chapter 3, problem 3 (to be turned in for 1/25 Th); Think about Ch. 3 problems: 1,2,4-9,12 (on own),

HW -- 1/25 Th -- First, hold off on turning in stuff for 1/25 Th until 1/30 Tu, Dr. Phil needs to catch up on sinuses, sleep and grading; Second, we should be having a Quick Quiz in 1110 Rood Hall on 1/29 Monday -- I'd be thinking about similar triangles and shadows; Third, come up with a method of measuring the height of the light pole visible out the lab's window -- if you and a partner were out there on a sunny day (in Michigan!!), how many times your height is the light pole?; On Own -- look over Ch. 5 problems.

Lecture -- 1/29 M -- Here's the links to the Harvard-Smithsonian videos http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/smgphp/mosart/video_archive.html and the "Karen in the Dark" video http://www.hsdvl.org/metafiles/136.asx .

HW -- 1/30 Tu -- Chapter 5, problems 5 and 7 (pages 84-85?) add 26? (pages 94-95) (to be turned in 2/1 Th 2/6 Tu);

HW -- 2/6 Tu -- On your own for your notes, Chapter 5-9 D, the edges of the shadow from the sun (pgs. 80-81); think about how the V-filament through the pinhole works; if you missed class today, you will need to make up Test 2.

HW -- 2/8 Th -- Chapter 6, problems 9 and 10 (pages 118-119) (to be turned in 2/13 Tu turn in after nice sunny day so you can do problem 9);

2/13 Tu -- REMINDER: Finish your Reflections on Test 1 if you're going to do them. Will collect through class on MONDAY 2/19.

HW -- 2/15 Th -- Chapter 9, problems 8 and 11 (pages 180-182) (to be turned in 2/20 Tu);

HW -- 2/20 Tu -- On your own, Chapter 9, problem 13 on who you can see at the dinner table. (Sigh, people simply did not do this and we had to take class time.) REMINDER: Monday 2/26 will be the last day to turn in: (1) the HW with measuring the Sun and (2) Reflections on Test 2.

2/22 Th -- Monday 2/26 will be Quick Quiz 4 -- if you brought a protractor with you, you'd be able to draw straight lines and similar angles.

2/27 Tu -- HW Chapter 10, problem 2 (pages 206-7?) (to be turned in 3/1 Th 3/12 Th);

3/1 Th -- HW Chapter 10, problem 5 (triangle problem, page 210?) (to be turned in 3/13 Tu);

I don't know about you, but I'm tired. Call in sick next week (March 5-9) and don't show up for class.

REMINDER: Mid-Term Monday 3/12 in 1110 Rood Hall after Spring Break. Does NOT include Refraction.


3/12 M -- The Mechanics Coursepack for PHYS-1800 goes on sale TUESDAY 13 March 2007 at 9am. It will cost $34. You should make every attempt to have it for Tuesday's Thursday 10am lab class.

3/13 Tu -- If you didn't finish the two columns (1 and 2) on the last page of the handout/Mechanics Coursepack (pgs. 15-16), do so at home.

3/15 Th -- HW pages 32, 33 (1,2) (we haven't done acceleration yet, you can do the "a" part for extra credit) (due 3/20 Tu). We probably have a Quick Quiz on Monday, imagine it has something to do with motion maps, maybe intervals...

Here's the link to the fun video on YouTube I mentioned in lab -- I find it fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBvaHZIrt0o

3/20 Tu -- HW pages 34, 35 (3,4,5) (uses information from previous HW) (due 3/22 Th).

3/22 Th -- Reminder that you should go over the procedures for making an s,v,a motion map, and going through the multiple steps required to from position (s) and time (t) to calculate acceleration (a). Why? Because we're probably going to have Test 4 on Monday. HW 7 (p. 50) (due 3/27 Tu).

3/27 Tu -- Do page 59 for Thursday with the following question: "A car speeds up from 3 meters/second to 9 meters per second with an acceleration of 2 meters/second/second. How much time does this take?"

3/29 Th -- Quick Quiz on Monday, I strongly urge you to review both using algebra/calculations and word-logic to work out problems. HW 5 (p. 70 - read the directions CAREFULLY), 8 (p.71) (due 4/3 Tu).

4/3 Tu -- HW (p. 42, fan problems) (due 4/5 Th). Portfolios -- Dr. Phil will collect on 4/12 Th 4/15 Tu, return on 4/17 Th.

4/5 Th -- No new HW. Test on Monday will cover some of the things on motion calculations not previously tested in the last test, fan and strobe, and some of our thoughts on the concepts of force.

4/10 Tu -- No new HW. But ponder the questions on page 128 -- will discuss on Thursday's class. Upcoming events as the semester winds down: Quick Quiz on Monday, Review of Refraction a week from Thursday on 19 April 2007, Final Exam a week from Monday, 23 April 2007 from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm in 1110 Rood Hall.

4/12 Th -- No new HW. Want Test 5 Reflections on Tuesday -- will give back on Thursday. Collecting Portfolios, for those of you who wish to turn one in, on Tuesday -- will give back on Thursday. Quick Quiz on Monday -- probably covers Forces, Newton's First Law, balanced forces (no net force), unbalanced forces (net force), acceleration in same direction as net force, etc.

FYI: If allowed to drop from rest, then a real object may not free fall continuously, but may reach Terminal Velocity. (Force of gravity down canceled by Drag force up) and doesn't accelerate any more. Ping-pong balls versus turkeys or pennies. World's Record Free-Fall.

4/16 M -- No, you weren't dreaming. QQ7 won't be graded, you get all the points. Well done! Oh, and thanks to our charming Little Red Wagon Physics Force Demonstration Team!

4/17 Tu -- Portfolios collected, will evaluate on Wednesday and return on Thursday. Last test reflections collected. Last class on Thursday!

4/18 W -- FYI: Portfolio grading completed.

4/19 Th -- Review topics for Final Exam: Refraction, Kinematics and Dynamics. Return portfolios and Test Reflections for Tests 4 & 5. Prof. Schuster recommends you bring the following to the Final Exam: pen/pencils, ruler, protractor, compass (kind that draws circles, not kind which points North -- grin).

See you Monday!