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PHYS-2050 (19) / PHYS-2140

Mechanics and Heat (4 credits)

WMU Summer-I Semester 2008

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CRN: 20367 - PHYS-2050 - 100

MTu ThF Noon-1:40pm · 1110 Rood Hall

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TEXT: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Volume 1 / Serway and Jewitt, 
7th edition (WMU Version) *** Note for non-WMU students this summer -- if 
you already have a copy of Serway (6th or 7th edition) you do not need to
buy this particular version. ***

Serway 7th Edition (WMU)

Lost and Found items, look here


This week in PHYS-2050/2140 at Noon.

Q23 was used as a Check-Out Form at the Final Exam.

Winter 2002 Exam 1 with Answers: 1ab 1cd 1e 2a 2bc 2d 2e

Spring 2004 Honors Exam 1 with Answers (.PDF)

Sample Exam 1's: First set X1.0 (5-12-08 Mo) ; Second set X1.5 X1.6 X1.7 (5-13-08 Tu) ; Third set X1.9 (5-15-2008 Th); Fourth set X1.8 (5-16-2008 Fr)


Winter 2002 Exam 2 with Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2a 2bc 2d 2e

Spring 2006 Honors Exam 2 with Answers (.PDF) New!

Sample Exam 2's: First set X2.0 (5-27-08 Tu), Second set X2.b X2.c (5-29-08 Th), Third set X2.8 (5-30-08 Fr), Fourth set X2.7 (6-02-08 Mo)


Winter 2002 Exam 3 with Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2a 2b 2cd 2e

Spring 2004 Honors Exam 3 with Answers (.PDF)

Sample Exam 3's: First set X3.0 (6-10-08 Tu), Second set X3.d X3.c2 X3.e2 (6-12-08 Th)


Winter 2002 Final Exam with Answers: 1ac 1de 2a 2bc 2d 2e 3ac 3de 4ab 4c 4de

Spring 2004 Honors Final Exam with Answers (.PDF)

Sample Final Exam's: First set XF.0 and XF.c (6-19-08 Th), Second set XF.d and XF.1912 (6-20-08 Fr),

Course Descriptions from the WMU Undergraduate Catalog via Registrar’s Web Site (GoWMU)

PHYS 2050 Mechanics and Heat 4 hrs. Fall, Winter, Summer I This first course in a sequence of three in calculus-based physics deals with mechanics and heat. PHYS 2050 is intended for physics majors, engineering students, and future physics teachers, and is recommended for majors in other sciences. A student cannot receive credit for both PHYS 2050 and PHYS 1130. Prerequisites : MATH 1220 or MATH 1700. Corequisites : MATH 1230 or MATH 1710.

PHYS 2060 Mechanics and Heat Laboratory 1 hr. Fall, Winter, and Summer I This is a laboratory course which includes exercises related to topics covered in PHYS 2050. A student may not receive credit for both PHYS 2060 and PHYS 1140. Corequisites : PHYS 2050.

June 24 Tue   - Final Exam Noon-1:40pm (2 hours) **
June 25 Wed   - End of Summer I Session @ Noon
July  1 Tue   - Grades Due at Noon