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PHYS-2050 (20) Week 12 Checklist

Version 20.12.0 / 19 November 2010 Friday

The weekly checklists are for YOUR benefit. Fill them out online or print them.

Answers are NOT saved online.

What can you do this twelfth week of class?

Made it to Class on: Mon 11/22 Tue 11/23 Exam 3. Wed 11/24 No Class.

Have Textbook: Yes No

Syllabus: Got in class Downloaded from website Don't have one yet.

Joined Dr. Phil's Physics Class on Facebook? (Optional) Yes No Not Interested Would need Facebook account.


Quiz 19 Take-Home: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 19 from website

Turned in Quiz 19 Tuesday 30 November 2010 Late Zero Not due yet.


Read through notes from class.

Start your Formula Card? Updated it?

Checked lecture notes online. Redo class examples?

Checked relevent sections from Serway. Redo text examples?

Did any problems from back of the chapter?

Questions? Answered: in class office hours phone e-mail Facebook

Exam 3 Prep:

First Set Sample Exam 3 Second Set Third Set Fourth Set Sample Exam 3 (try working in 50 minutes)

Have looked at Sample Exam 3s With Answers on website Understand what I did wrong (and right!) on Exam 1 and 2.

I update my formula card(s) as I work My formula card(s) are in good shape I use my formula card(s) to solve problems.

Center of Mass... ...calculated by integration Moment of Inertia Calculations Double- and Triple-Integrals

Cross Products (Vector Products) Equation forms with cross products

Rotational K.E. Rolling without slipping Equations with both Linear and Rotational K.E. Comparisons of I

Cross Products (Vector Products) Right-Hand Rule (Mode 1 and Mode 2)  Equation forms with cross products

Vector directions of Rotational quantities  Linear momentum has angular momentum as it passes an axis

Linear forces applying torques about an axis Solving Torque problemsFree Rotation Diagrams

Sum of Torques equations Choose Newton's 1st or 2nd Law for Rotation Atwood's Machine (real pulley)

Statics Stability Deformation Tension Compression Shear Bulk compression Pressure

Stress Strain Young's Modulus Elastic strain Plastic Deformation Brittle Failure Ductile Failure

Newton's Law of Universal Gravity Calculating "g" Artificial gravity (centripetal force) Calculating Us

Tides Kepler's Laws of Motion 1st Law -- All orbits are ellipses. 2nd Law -- Equal Area swept in Equal Time

3rd Law -- T² = C a³ .


Pressure as a function of depth/height. Bernoulli's Equation. Continuity Equation.