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PHYS-2050 (20) Week 13 Checklist

Version 20.13.0 / 28 November 2010 Sunday

The weekly checklists are for YOUR benefit. Fill them out online or print them.

Answers are NOT saved online.

What can you do this thirteenth week of class?

Made it to Class on: Mon 11/29 Tue 11/30 Wed 12/01 Thu 12/02Fri 12/03

Have Textbook: Yes No

Syllabus: Got in class Downloaded from website Don't have one yet.

Joined Dr. Phil's Physics Class on Facebook? (Optional) Yes No Not Interested Would need Facebook account.


Quiz 19 Take-Home: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 19 from website

Turned in Quiz 19 Tuesday 30 November 2010 Late Zero Not due yet.

Quiz 20: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 20 from website Not available yet.


Read through notes from class.

Start your Formula Card? Updated it?

Checked lecture notes online. Redo class examples?

Checked relevent sections from Serway. Redo text examples?

Did any problems from back of the chapter?

Questions? Answered: in class office hours phone e-mail Facebook

Exam 3 Afterwards:

The exam was: easier than I thought it'd be about what I thought it'd be tougher than I thought it'd be.

I felt I was: sufficiently prepared under-prepared.

For the next exam I will study: more less about the same.

I expect my grade on this exam will be: good bad excellent average.

I expect to get: 0 5000 10,000 15,000 20,000 Star Points on Exam 3.

I expect that I did: better on Exam 3 than Exam 2 worse on Exam 3 than Exam 2 about the same Have no idea.


Bernoulli's Equation. Continuity Equation. Aspirator. Origins of aerodynamic lift.

Mass-to-volume ratio. Floating. Bouyant Force. Archimedes' Principle.

Periodic Motion. Mass on a spring. Simple Harmonic Motion / Simple Harmonic Oscillator.

Simple Pendulum. Physical Pendulum. Waves and Resonance. Single Waves. Repeating Waves.

Frequency. Wavelength. Wave Speed. Wave Equation.