Lectures in PHYS-205 (H14)

Updated: 14 January 2004.

Week of January 12, 2004.

Monday 1/12: Aristotle and the Greek Philosophers. Observation vs. Experiment - Dropping the book and the piece of paper (2 views). Zeno's Paradoxes. Integrating to find the set of Kinematic Equations for constant acceleration. Kinematic Equations for Constant Acceleration. The Equation Without Time -- Avoiding the Quadradic Formula.

Tuesday 1/13: Topic 1 assigned. (Pages 11-25 are online here --or-- the entire handout in .pdf format here.) Converting m.p.h. to m/s. 60 m.p.h. = "A Mile A Minute". (1848: The Antelope)

Wednesday 1/14:

Thursday 1/15:

Friday 1/16:

Week of January 5, 2004.

Monday 1/5: Office hours.

Tuesday 1/6: Class begins. The nature of studying Physics. Science education in the United States.

Wednesday 1/7: "Speed Limit 70" First Equation: Speed = Distance / Time. Development of Speed equation for Constant or Average Speed.

Thursday 1/8: SI Metric System. What do we mean by Measurements? Distribute syllabus.

Friday 1/9: Paperwork Day. Q1 and your PID number. (If you missed class on this day, check with Dr. Phil sometime soon.)