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PHYS-205 (H14) Honors

Mechanics and Heat (4 credits)

WMU Spring Semester 2004

MTuWThF 11:00-11:50am · 1110 Rood Hall

Serway - 6th edition

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Handout - What They Didn't Teach in Math

Winter 2002 Exam 1 with Answers: 1ab 1cd 1e 2a 2bc 2d 2e

Sample Exam 1's: X1.0 X1.5 X1.6 X1.7 X1.8 X1.9

Winter 2002 Exam 2 with Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2a 2bc 2d 2e

Sample Exam 2's: X2.0 X2.b X2.c X2.7 X2.8

Winter 2002 Exam 3 with Answers: 1a 1bc 1de 2a 2b 2cd 2e

Sample Exam 3's: X3.0 X3.d (new)

Winter 2002 Final Exam with Answers: 1ac 1de 2a 2bc 2d 2e 3ac 3de 4ab 4c 4de

This week in PHYS-205 Honors at 11:00am

Course Descriptions from the WMU Undergraduate Catalog

via Registrar’s Web Site (http://sims.wmich.edu)

PHYS 205 Mechanics and Heat – 4 hrs. – Fall, Spring, Summer I

This first course in a sequence of three in calculus-based physics deals with mechanics and heat. PHYS 205 is intended for physics majors, engineering students, and future physics teachers, and is recommended for majors in other sciences. Co-requisite: MATH 123. A student can receive credit for only one of the following courses: PHYS 107, PHYS 109, PHYS 113, or PHYS 205..

PHYS 206 Mechanics and Heat Laboratory – 1 hr.– Fall, Spring, and Summer I

This is a laboratory course which includes exercises related to topics covered in PHYS 205. A student may not receive credit for both PHYS 206 and either PHYS 108 or PHYS 114. Corequisite: PHYS 205.

Significant Dates:
Apr. 19 Mon	- Final Exam 10:15am-12:15pm (2 hours)
Apr. 23 Fri	- End of Spring Semester  
Apr. 27 Tue - Grades Due at Noon