Lectures in PHYS-205 (H9)

Week of April 15-19, 2002


Monday 4/15 - Titanic Physics.

Tuesday 4/16 - Exam 3 handed back. Temperature systems. Linear expansion of materials. Q21 take-home due Wednesday.

Wednesday 4/17 - Volume expansion of materials. Heat capacity, latent heats. 1st & 2nd laws of thermodynamics. Heat engines and efficiencies.

Thursday 4/18 - Basics of Waves and Resonances. Standing waves. Q22/Q23 take-home handed out. Due at Final Exam.

Friday 4/19 - COURSE REVIEW

Week of April 8-12, 2002

Monday 4/8 - Newton's Law of Universal Gravity (or Newton's Universal Law of Gravity, if you prefer). g(r). The Shuttle in Low Earth Orbit (Revisited). Geosynchronous orbits. Tides (high/low, spring/neap). Q19 take-home due Tuesday.

Tuesday 4/9 - Planetary Orbits. Ptolemy to Copernicus to Johannes Kepler. Epicycles, elliptical orbits and Occam's Razor. Kepler's 3 laws. Q19 take-home due by 5pm.

Wednesday 4/10 - Mass-to-volume ratio. Physics definition of "fluid". Pressure in a column of liquid.

Thursday 4/11 - Buoyant force. Why boats float. Q20 in-class quiz.

Friday 4/12 - Bernoulli's Equation, Continuity Equation. "Conservation of Pressure". Water tower problem, airplane lift. 1st Sample Final Exam handed out.

Week of April 1-5, 2002

Monday 4/1 - Continue with Young's Modulus. Brief X3 Review. Q18 take-home. Final Papers due by 5pm (except for those who had Draft Papers evaulated).

Tuesday 4/2 - Oscillatory Motion (NOT on X3). Mass on a spring. 2nd Order Differential Equation - sine & cosine solutions. Q18 take-home due by 5pm today.

Wednesday 4/3 - Exam 3 (moved on Monday).

Thursday 4/4 - S.H.O. & S.H.M. Simple Pendulum. Physical Pendulum.

Friday 4/5 - Uniform Circular Motion (U.C.M.) as two S.H.O.'s (x- and y-components). Damped Oscillations (underdamped, critically damped and overdamped) and Driven Oscillations. Short film on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Week of March 25-29, 2002

Monday 3/25 - AV clips. Parallel Axis Theorem. Statics: objects not translating in any direction and objects not rotating in any direction. Q16 take-home due by 5pm today. Last day to turn in Draft papers for free evaluation (not required) by 5pm.

Tuesday 3/26 - Finish diving board problem. Continuing Statics (sum of forces, sum of torques). Q17 in-class.

Wednesday 3/27 - More Statics Examples (ladder, forearm, stability).

Thursday 3/28 - Q18 scheduled

Thursday 3/28 - Stability triangle. Elastic Deformation. Stress, Strain and Young's Modulus. First day to turn Final Papers in. Q18 moved to Monday.

Friday 3/29 - Good Friday. Class Cancelled

Week of March 18-22, 2002

Monday 3/18 - Tuesday 3/19 - Moment of Inertia by Integration, Double- and Triple-Integrals in Rectangular, Polar, Cylindrical and Spherical Co-ords. Q14 take-home finally due. 1st Sample Exams for X3 handed out. http://homepages.wmich.edu/~kaldon/ now available on-line.

Wednesday 3/20 - Moment of Inertia of Solid Disk, Hollow Sphere, Solid Sphere. Q15 in-class.

Thursday 3/21 - "The Best Angular Momentum Story Ever", Rotational K.E., Rolling objects down an incline. Q16 take-home handed out.

Friday 3/22 - AV clips (Skylab film: conservation of angular momentum). 2nd Sample Exams for X3 handed out.