PHYS-2070 (14/15) Topic 1 -- Book or Movie Assignment

As discussed in class, the Science Literacy Topic 1 Assignment:

The Book Assignment (PDF download - 28 pages) (Searchable HTML - don't print this!)

It's your choice -- one is not better than the other, and both are worth a maximum of 100,000 points. This Science Literacy Assignment is designed to help grades, if you take it seriously, and is NOT some onerous research paper with footnotes. (grin) Have fun with it -- and you have about two months to get it done.

Due Thursday 15 April 2010 at 5pm

Grade Period Ends: Tuesday Monday 19 April 2010 at 5pm

If you need a copy of the original 2-page handout from class, click here for a copy.

Last Update: 14 January 2010 Thursday.