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PHYS-2070 (14/15) Week 13 Checklist

Version 15.12.3 / 16 April 2010 Friday

The weekly checklists are a new thing I'm trying this semester. Fill them out online or print them.

Answers are NOT saved online.

What can you do this thirteenth week of class?

Made it to Class on: Mon 4/12 Tue 4/13 Wed 4/14 Thu 4/15 Fri 4/16.

Topic 1 Book: I've got my book. I've got a short list of books. I've got a book I want Dr. Phil to look at for approval. Haven't started yet. Have no idea what Dr. Phil is talking about.

Joined Dr. Phil's Physics Class on Facebook? (Optional) Yes No Not Interested Would need Facebook account.

EXAM 3 Afterwards

Took Exam 3. Got Exam 3 back. (handed back in class on Thursday 8 April 2010)

Curved Grade: Pleased Okay Not Happy Haven't seen it yet.

My Grade reflects the work I put on the test paper. Yes Somewhat No.

My Grade relects the work I put into my studying. Yes Somewhat No.

For The Final Exam, I expect to Study: More A LOT More About the Same Less than Exam 3.

My Grading Questions have been answered by Dr. Phil: Yes No Didn't have any questions/corrections.


Quiz 19 Take-Home: Picked up in Class Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 19 from website

Turned in Quiz 19 Wednesday 14 April 2010 Late Zero

Quiz 20 Take-Home: Picked up in Class. Missed Class Missed Class but printed Quiz 20 from website

Turned in Quiz 20 Friday 16 April 2010 Late Zero Not due yet.


Read through notes from class.

Start your Formula Card? Updated it? Got it back from Dr. Phil from Exam 2? (handed back during Week 8)

Checked lecture notes online. Redo class examples?

Checked relevent sections from Serway. Redo text examples?

Did any problems from back of the chapter?

Questions? Answered: in class office hours phone e-mail Facebook


Hey -- I just noticed we've run out of textbook.

Law of Reflection Law of Refraction (Snell's Law) Index of Refraction Critical Angle Total Internal Reflection

Dispersion Thin lenses Positive, Converging, Bi-Convex lens Negative, Diverging, Bi-Concave lens Ray tracing

Real (camera) and virtual (magnifying glass) images from a Bi-Convex lens Images and Objects

Constructive interference between 2 waves Destructive interference between 2 waves

Creating an anti-reflective coating on a lens: (1) 2nd reflection goes through round-trip = twice thickness of coating

(2) need to calculate wavelength of light in the coating material

(3) have to account for 0, 1 or 2 phase shifts due to the ordering of the index of refractions.

Classical Relativity Special Relativity General Relativity beta gamma No Preferred Observer!

Proper/Improper Length Proper/Improper Time Simultaneity Correspondance Principle